ID Cards, event ticketing and Access Control. Icons for id card, Mag Stripe card, barcode, lanyards, wristbands, event ticket and parking hanger

Weatherproof & Rip Proof Event Tickets

Full Colour

Short runs


Variable colour logo's


Perforated counterfoil

Rip proof

Completely varaible

Data management


Our weatherproof tickets, passes and wristbands are highly resilient to damage. They are rip-proof, sweat proof and waterproof. They can be hole punched and hung from a lanyard worn around the neck.

Bespoke sizes, including credit card size to easily fit into a wallet or purse.

We have successfully perforated tickets to form detachable counterfoils even though the material is tear-proof.

Full colour printing both sides with any amount of variable data including barcodes.



For Pukka Up, weatherproof and rip proof, high security event tickets
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