ID Cards, event ticketing and Access Control. Icons for id card, Mag Stripe card, barcode, lanyards, wristbands, event ticket and parking hanger

Software Applications & Systems

Java applications

Database management

Gatekeeper venue control

Photo processing

Forms processing

Data collection

Variable data on any scale

Special character sets available

All of our production systems and software have been designed and written in-house. This gives us total control and allows us to respond dynamically to 'unusual' situations.

Developed over the last 11 years our design & print software is a mature application that handles any kind of print job. it offers scalability such that we use it to print just 1 id card or 100,00 event tickets.

For rapid and efficient processing of photo's for id cards we developed Ichi Ban. Digital or paper based documents can be processed to 'cut out' the image and save it, with any other informtion to a database.

Since 2011 we have been working with Pukka Up Ltd, an events company, to develop a ticketing and access control system. Gatekeeper is a fully formed application that we will be putting on general release soon.

Barcode scanner with id card overlaid with binary digits to illustrate technologies.
ID Card Icon ID Card with Mag Stripe Icon Barcode Icon Lanyard Icon Wristband Icon Event Ticket Icon Parking Hanger Icon